we're closing !

Wir Schließen!

Unfortunately we have to announce that we have to close our online shop, because we have calculated our profit stomach to be able to offer you products fairly.

It was never important to us to get a lot of profit from our products and we don't start now.

In order to continue to exist on the market we would have to increase our prices many times and we dont do that.

We have sacrificed a lot of our free time for this company, so it is very difficult to let go, but now it is decided ... We close.


 So we need your help one last time.

All of our products are discontinued and are no longer produced.

That means that what is no longer available in the online shop will no longer exist.

So we offer you our discount campaign to loot our shop, everything has to go.

Everything is for sale!


 So let's reach the black zero together, so we know that it was not for nothing and that our products in paintball sport were and still are used.



Sebastian Schwarm


since 2015